Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Sterling8 Dynasty

A new Jeffrey Michael Design project has began on the up and coming artist Sterling8. Sterling has just released his first debut single "Hypnotized" which is cracking out and getting airplay all over the US, and recently just broke into the UK market. Being already remixed in Germany and Japan, the track has broken open new possibility for the artist. JMD and Sterling have partnered up to create iconic, couture, one of a kind pieces to showcase Sterling as a top celebrity artist.
JMD has currently been brought out to New York City to work on the full costume design for Sterling8's performance, media, and album cover which is being shot this coming weekend. Noteably being shot by Shelby Chan and hair and makeup by Theo Faulkner , this shoot holds much promise for the up coming single release. The costume piece is one that has been in the brain of JMD for several months over discussions with Sterling for the perfect one of a kind look that suited his personality and music type.

Decided to be titled 'organic futurism', Sterlings look is a contrast between soft organics like leather, feathers, and earthy materials, and hard sharp diamonds, black, and reflective materials. This best reflects both his high fasetto (seen in the new single hypnotise) and his soft gospel infused low range (soon to be seen in his upcoming 2nd and 3rd track).

Upcoming events for JMD and Sterling include a soundcheck with a very high profile celebrity (more info on that to come), and a very exciting selection process for the background dancers with celebrity choreographer Candice Franklin who has worked with Janet Jackson.

JMD is very excited to be working on this project with such amazing fellow team members and looks forward to the exciting array of key signature, iconic pieces commissioned by the Sterling8 dynasty.

The single can be seen on Sterlings website :

To see work by the other artists working on the Sterling8 project please visit their webpages :

Theo - Makeup/Hair -

Jeffrey xx