Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A Christmas Flurry

A very festive Christmas season has been seen by Jeffrey Michael Design. A whirlwind of fancy Xmas parties have dominated my season thus far this year, most noteably a party by London a la mode thrown by the fabulous Emma was one of my highlights (photos of Lumnie Santi, my fabulous model, and me).
We had a great time and a great fashion photographer, Paul Linus had an impromtu photoshoot with Lumnie on one of the tables as we all watched with joy. The top two photos of her and her with me are courtesy of him.

Of noteworthy goodness, is that I have been for the last 2 months working with two very talented gentlemen in the London music scene, Donny Slack (above), and Johnny Lazer (sexy blonde below). I am currently working with both boys on some very lovely light-up projects.

The really exciting project is featured top picture. I will be lighting up a military blazer for mister Slack (above) that he will be showing in his upcoming promotion and concerts. He is a great singer and someone I believe to be a future star in the music industry, not only in the UK but internationally. So it is a great honor to be working with someone so talented.

As well the glorious mister Lazer will be having his big gig in January to be announced and I will be continuing to work with him on several costume ideas including light up shoes. He is a crazy rocker, and both of these gents have worked their way into my hearts with alot of great music and fantastic showmanship ! Johnny at Camden was a fantastic show and my first time seeing him perform to my delight.

Through these lovely boys and through my work at Digitaria I have met a never ending rotating door of connections of which include Lady Gaga, U2, Mika, and some very exciting London music scene executives. I have to say it is all at the same time overwhelming and extremely exciting. All of the above mentioned meetings will be happening over January February so I won't say anything until I have them confirmed. Lets just say its going to be big, bold, and beautiful.
Finally some very exciting new is that the Jeffrey Michael Design costume pieces will be featured in the upcoming January issue of "The Cut" which I will link to as soon as it is published. For now im going to put up one teaser photos (to left) from the behind the scenes of me and the lovely model after our very cold outdoor shoot at my studio. The studio is a very old factory building and has underground alleys that we accessed (quite legally hehe !) and is the main reason I snapped up the space. Apparently also there is a roof terrace area (photoshoot!) that is stunning and has a glorious view. TBA for me getting access to that gem !

Ok Merry Christmas and hope everyone is taking a little bit of break. Thanks again to Donny and Johnny !! My sexy lovely musician boys :) !
Jeffrey xx