Thursday, 30 September 2010

London Fashion Week & JMD

A new season of fashion with Jeffrey Michael Design presented in many new and exciting ways. Several amazing contacts have been made for new projects with fantastic new magazines and online publications, as well as the royalty of British Pop. JMD was a contributing editor during fashion week for the ongoing tweeting and response to all the fashion shows seen by LABB magazine (current issue below) and all of its emerging artists, and had an opportunity to view new and exciting designers and fashion shows this season at the ON/OFF venue, and with Vauxhall Fashion Scout. JMD seen with LABB magazine at the Lako Bukia show above enjoying the fierce and flowing creations of a truly inspiring and talented creator.

Some of the exciting new upcoming projects brought from meetings at the fashion runways of London Fashion Week include negotiations for a second piece with Diana Vickers, who this month is on the cover of Random Magazine wearing a couture one of a kind lightup paper dress by JMD (below, at newstands NOW ! ), and with Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes who will be soon wearing her own one of a kind creation made specifically created for her persona.

Other collaborations include a featured piece on the cover of Sideview Magazine on their exciting yet to be announced covermodel (who I know and am so excited to be working with!), and a cover spot on the upcoming Womens Issue of LABB magazine (more info as able to be printed out to the world). Finally a new spread in Idol Magazine with a custom made piece specifically for the magazine, and negotiations to begin with the luscious BLOW magazine.

During fashion week JMD was also contacted by TOP10 Magazine to contribute his piece to an exciting article about "Young Fashion Week" in which Daria Shopovalova (above) , famous model, presentor, and magazine editor, wore and glamorously displayed upon herself the couture showpiece that is the "bauble dress". (third picture in) and styled by the ever amazing Sofia Shershunovich (who has her own amazing blog - click here)

JMD was also present at several key, exciting London fashion week shows, most noteably at the Ozwald fashion show were he mingled with the likes of Shingai of the Noisettes (pictured above), Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child (recently in the London cast of Chicago), Dame Fierce, and Janice Dickinson (pictured below).

Other loves and likes of the JMD team as tweeted by Jeffrey Michael for LABB were

Jacob Kimmie's live tableau presentation: " Amazing pieces by Jacob kimmie for #lfw "

Masha Ma : " Draped, layered and with a focus on metallic and creams - Masha Ma delivered "

Teresa Cruz de Almeida : " Teresa Cruz de Almeida - of men ' it's not just the women that should enjoy high heels ' - "

and Colin Monroe - " Colin Munro designed body suits said to keep you feeling streamlined and sexy. We agree #lfw "

and click here to see the full pics from the Diana Vickers shoot available from her site now

More exciting blog projects to come as press and projects from fashion week begin trickling out :) ! Jeffrey xx -

*photos of JMD with Shingai and Janice courtesy of snappylifestyle blog - fierce, fab and on the mark with trends and gorgeous shots covering fashion !!!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Diana Vickers wears JMD

Another JMD adventure with British Pop Star Diana Vickers. JMD worked with Random Magazine to come up with a couture one-of-a-kind dress for their September Issue magazine, featured both on the front cover and inside. The dress is fully made of paper from the previous Random magazine cover and insides, and came from Jeffrey's quest to create the ironic twist of having the magazine's own cover on its new cover by way of the dress. Diana's songs and music have been much loved by JMD since her time on XFactor, and it was an exciting adventure to bring this piece to life and to light just for her. Her new song, The Boy Who Murdered Love, with wicked video can be seen at this link :

As seen in these low light shots, the dress becomes like a paper lantern, lit from many layers within, overcasting the front and back images of each page in hues of selected purples, reds, and blues from within the magazine.

A sneak peak at the cover selection which is now on Newstands as of today, September 14th around London (and soon in NYC !!!) You can check out the Random website (below) to find the nearest magazine shop in your city.

The dress and Diana have already been seen on Popjustice, and in "The Heat" magazine, and more soon !!! Thanks to Random Magazines creators Tom and Rivkie, and shout out to the new music from Diana :) (random magazine online link)

Jeffrey xx