Thursday, 10 March 2011

Kimberly Wyatt in JMD

JMD has been blessed to work with the very talented Miss Kimberly Wyatt formerly of the Pussy Cat Dolls in the form of several exciting costume projects that have and are coming up.

Meeting for the first time last month, the two plotted and planned new costumes for the exciting dance epic tv show, Got to Dance, in which Kimberly is one of the main judges. The second last filming of the show saw her as judge turned act on the show, as she performed in an amazing JMD collaborative cinderella-esq gown, co created with Vivienne Westwood, and Wendy Benstead. JMD created the exciting lighting and undercarriage pieces for the dress to spin and twirl while fully lit up and illuminated in the on stage fog, mist and exciting stage lighting. The performance also showcased Kimberly's new group Her Majesty and the Wolves. The performance went amazingly and can be viewed here on youtube :

"International pop star and dance judge Kimberly Wyatt steps into the spotlight to show the level of talent she's looking for on Got to Dance. See the mysterious side of Kimberly with spooky lightning, shady forests, capes, masks and much more, courtesy of Her Majesty and the Wolves..." - Sky1 TV

Spencer - the other piece to Her Majesty and the Wolves can be seen sporting the green lit illuminated JMD gloves, which he uses like flowing water to beat box and move through the air throughout the songs & performance. The amazing lit wolf heads were a collaborative piece conceptualized by JMD with Karl Willet, who is Kimberly's amazing celebrity stylist that has been working on the all of HM&TW amazing projects with Kim. Collectively with the whole team, Kimberly and Spencer make up this amazing new group Her Majesty and the Wolves.
Upcoming are some exciting new music videos being created next week in Los Angelos for the group that will see more of the JMD pieces and creative direction in the "little red riding hood' themed feeling, combining the ideas of a Midnightsummers dream feeling with that of the big bad wolf that is HM&TW. Lighting, capes, crowns, and over the top wolf heads come together to create something unique, theatrical and exciting.

Check out Kimberly (@kimberlyKwyatt ) and Spencer ( @afarinezey )on twitter for more details and performance info and keep watching Jeffrey Michael Design - @jeffrey_design for some behind the scene pics of ProudO2 and Got 2 Dance

To sum it all up in Kimberly's words,

“Even in the Pussycat Dolls, I always felt that when you get onstage you just turn into a lion. And I know that of myself. I’ve been onstage since I was seven. On stage I just like to get lost in the music. It’s not exactly Kimberly Wyatt up there, but it’s definitely an extension of me.”

She is definately a force to be watched and JMD is excited to display some of its newest pieces on this electifying talent.

Jeffrey x