Monday, 23 January 2012

Jeffrey Michael Debut Fashion Film Teaser

Having the debut for Jeffrey Michael creep up next month on February 19th, the team at Jeffrey Michael have been working hard creating the elegant lookbook and fashion video. Take the first look at this amazing creation by Ben Charles Edwards and an award winning team who have taken on their own respective realms.

Video Credits :

Director - Ben Charles Edwards
Assistant Director - Alexander Appel
Stylist - Claudia Behnke
Hair & Makeup Designer - OscarAlexander Lunberg
Makeup - OscarAlexander Lundberg
Hair - Aaron Blondell
Water Model - Skye Victoria
Wind Model - Anja S (Profile)
Earth Model - Laura
Fire Model - Lina (Profile)

Jeffrey Michael A/W 2012

February 19th, 2012 - 3 pm - 6 pm at the Lightbar, at St Martin's Lane Hotel.

'The Preternatural Deity'

An exciting look into the four piece London Fashion Week Video that will be displayed in the debut show by Jeffrey Michael.

This collection was inspired from the silhouettes of the Golden Age of Hollywood, when women like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe ruled the silver screen with poise, grace and elegance. Beauty was inspired from elegant draping fabrics, sumptious colors, and timeless fitted cuts that showcased the shoulders, back, or breasts; not all at once, but in revealing captured moments up on glamorous movie posters and throughout the memories of movie lovers for all time. These women will forever be remembered in their flowing red carpet dresses, and timeless hollywood movie roles that have left them in every stream of our current day existence and popular culture.

Specifically the movie moments in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, of the sexually frustrated Elizabeth Taylor in the classic Tennessee Williams play to film showcased a women who was both sexual and refined, classic yet volumptous in soft whites, and creams. Her personality was embued with hearty tension, while showing composure and pleasantry in her beautifully crafted wardrobe. As well in the young daydreaming Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina and Roman Holiday, and the firey sexual Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes, and How to Marry a Millionaire.

The collection silhouetes play off of these themes in long flowing evening dresses in deep rich colors, that showcase couture hand applique, and fine detailing in each dress piece. Having long flowing dresses contrasted with open side slits, sweetheart necklines, and teardrop backs revealing portions of skin in the most flattering way harkens back to these rich movie histories.

Similarly the ideas of embodied symbolisms of women deity and elemental references which have led the collection to reflect upon the four natural elements of earth, fire, wind and water. Showcasing these classic hollywood women in the light of fire, in the breath of air, etc in an attempt to bring each garment to life with motion and light. Within the visceral potent film that accompanies the main showcase at London Fashion Week will showcase these elements brought to a sophisticated reflection in the four main garments of the collection representing their four elements earth fire wind water. Through these elements and the film, the act and cycle of creation, destruction, then creation again are influenced upon the pieces in a way that embues each dress with a living entity in itself. Therefore the idea of this strong ephemeral woman almost becomes the symbolic woman, in both the eyes of the world (hollywood) and in nature as this immortal diety.

A deity is a recognized preternatural or supernatural immortal being, who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred, held in high regard, and respected by believers.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Summer Couture

This summer was busy and exciting and Jeffrey Michael was all over the US, Canada, and Europe.

One exciting project were custom made pieces for Mark Sheppard, talent force who has been travelling around the world performing, most recently in Glasgow's street performers festival. Some noteable performances were Mark in show with Cascada, and Gaga in her early career.

Here are some pieces created custom made for Mark's music video Automatic Weapon.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

DEBUT collection at London Fashion Week

So an exciting new venture is being undertaken after a year of research, planning, investment, and honing in on the design asthetic for the new collection for Jeffrey Michael.

Showing Feb. 19th, 2012 will be the first collection by Jeffrey Michael at London Fashion Week, venue below, to an excited and expanding guest list featuring exciting previous pop star clients, and phenomenal press royalties (which will be named closer to the event).

After spending time this summer in Los Angeles, Montreal, New York City, London, and Toronto, Jeffrey Michael has returned to its roots in London and will showcase there as the main homebase for the collections. Having worked in London the past three years head designer Jeffrey Michael has gained respect, followers, and loyal collegues who will be teaming up to create some beautiful things for this exciting official launch into the fashion realm.

The collection, which is half done, is being created in the designers native Canada with a skilled team of craftspeople. Jeffrey Michael has scoured the continents locating the brightest and most talented to assist in the creation of this line which means so much to the brand and will always be remembered as a first.

In being asked by many press, and industry friends again and again what the collection will feel like compared to previous works or designers a rough likening can be taken to reaching for that of Alexander Mcqueen meets Elie Saab, and flowing creatively like that of Early Thierry Mugler meets Iris Van Herpen. Of course these masters have their very own distinct styles, but it is difficult to pinpoint where a designer fits in amongst such great names.

Pushing those ideas and feelings forward the collection also uniquely expresses ideas of organic and natural material exploration, layered textiles and textures, and the use of natural layering and organic methods found in plants, animals and nature.

Furthermore, the debut will continue to explore ideas of integrating technology that Jeffrey Michael has explored with his previous showpiece explorations. Integrating lighting, and expressive technologies will always be a reoccuring theme for collections to come as Jeffrey Michael wishes to press the boundaries and understanding of clothing as we experience it on our body, and where clothing will be in 5 - 10 years from now.

Lastly the collection will attempt to explore beautiful evening wear, and signature pieces fit for red carpet, as well as for the budding pop star, and actress royalty that have accepted and announced fashion as a seamless existence for their expanding experiences in fame and the public world we know and love.

Jeffrey Michael is excited and ready to finally display this explore and anticipated launch and will be showing in February at London Fashion Week, followed by showroom in Paris. Some discussions have began for the collection to show at a very exclusive sect of Canada's Toronto Fashion Week, but more on that as it becomes official.

Wish us luck !
Jeffrey xx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

SLiNK Magazine Interview

A new exciting article in SLiNK magazine by me is heating up as one of the main features of this new issue. Just recently being named the new features editor, I snagged the exciting up and coming Gabi Gregg for an interview in this new issue of the magazine. Some of you may know her from the hugely successful 'Young, Fat and Fabulous' blog (recently retitled GabiFresh) that she writes that showcase personal style, and dressing for a fiercely real woman, but I got behind the scenes to chat about her transition from MTV to the world of styling.

Gabi is known for being the MTV Twitter Jockey for the last year and is an amazing stylist who has been featured in magazines all over the world since her epic work. Meeting Gabi last year in NYC on the Brooklyn Bridge supporting her during an amazing plus sized fashion show as one of her challenges to win the spot on MTV set into motion an amazing exciting friendship that has lead to this wicked interview in the magazine.

A conversation about body image, understanding what it has been like on her journey to fame and styling, as well as touching on how things have changed her blog and outlook on the world. A heartfelt conversation with an intellegint, one of a kind woman who knows where she is going and what she has to say.

Check out the interview (expand the online flipable magazine on the front page), and also check out SLiNK magazine in its luscious new issue ! The presentation in this magazine is refined, clean, colorful and on trend. The editor Rivkie Baum knows how to do it and shows a polished and refreshing taking on lifestyle and fashion. This is a magzine for women of all sizes, and promotes women wearing fashionable exciting season's trends. This magazine is groundbreaking in its ideas about marketing to the entire world's average sized woman, but does it in a way that is all about the fashion and lifestyle, and not about promoting a cause. It is seamless and beautiful. I am so proud to be apart of this new idea, and new magazine !!

Now go read the article !! GO ! GO ! :)

Jeffrey xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

Runway Passport

Many have blazed through these experiences before me, and have seen this baffling life unfold before them. Through my own journeys so far, so many bizarre, amusing nuances have occurred towards which in my mind the final achievement is of my brand standing strong amongst these burning idols. People like Elie Saab, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, and Alexander Mcqueen – oh, Alexander Mcqueen.

Check out the first installment of : Behind the Scenes with Jeffrey Michael , of which a little preview is above.

One of the stops along the way to moving to New York City is that Jeffrey Michael will now be one of the writers for the luscious online fashion collective Runway Passport. Covering news and events in fashion all over the world, JMD will now partake by lending monthly a luscious article featuring behind the scenes of his journey to becoming an international designer. Each month three questions will be answered from readers around the world who tap into the amazing Runway Passport.

I met the amazing creator and editor of Runway Passport on my adventures in New York City, a fiesty, unique, fantastic woman named Liz Entin, and over several trips and two summers we have had many chats about up and coming projects, simulatenously covering massive ground stomping around in New York during the sunny summer days.

So check out Runway Passport online and their upcoming new platforms at the below links !!
J xx

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Summer @ Jeffrey Michael Design

A new summer awaits Jeffrey Michael Design and the team is getting ready for some epic adventures.

As you may know summer time is when JMD adventures out into new territory and works on expanding the brand into bigger and better iterations. Specifically, like last summer JM has been working hard at moving the brand and its goals int New York City.

Already having visited Los Angeles and New York City once to meet new contacts, discuss possibilities with one of a kind stores, and to meet with investors, JMD is returning this week to New York City for some of the biggest meetings to date for the brand.

(In LA at the Maxfactor / Hollywood Musuem - this is wear they made Marilyn blonde !)

A major goal and meeting that is set up is that of finding a New York City based PR so that Jeffrey Michael may expand into North America. Already doing very well in London it is time to harness the connections and thrust that has naturally been happening in the many clients and suggested work in this fantastic city. JM will be meeting also with some very interested parties who want to show Jeffrey Michael at New York Fashion week in a very sexy avant garde location.

Jeffrey Michael Design has been working with excitement and heavy hand at creating the first capsule collection which will be presented in Kiev in the Ukraine this October to the international press. This fantastic city laid host to Jeffrey Michael and his creations last March to amazing response and revue. Presenting, mingling, and being interviewed by the talents of Kiev including Daria Shapavola, and meeting with previous head of Russian Vogue Alena Porkskova, JMD was encouraged to create its first capsule collection to be reviewed by the international press.

(JM with the notorious, charming and famous blogger 'The FaceHunter' and other exciting shots from Kiev Fashion Days in the Ukraine)

Now onwards to New York to purchase fabrics, notions and all the adventurous pieces that create a collection by JMD - keep your eyes pealed for sneak peaks as we have the same amazing style and flavor that has come to be known for the Jeffrey Michael Brand.

*special thanks to Kiev photos from Icon Photography (all other credits just contact me and I'll put them up :) !)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dionne Bromfield in custom JMD

Dionne Bromfield's new music video - ' Foolin' '

The very talented Dionne Bromfield has just released her newest hit pop single ' Foolin' ' which croons out soft soulful melody and sultry vocals by the young fresh 16 year old. Jeffrey Michael was introduced to Dionne several months back via her fantastic stylist Melanie Thomas, and plotting was had to create a unique one of a kind JMD piece for her new promotions, as well as this specific music video.

The video features beautiful visuals in which three Dionne's play sassy characters discussing a man they are in love with who is not a good influence for them. Each girl is decked out in a fully fantastic outfit, with one of the main looks being the beautiful iradescent JMD black feather dress. Fitted, and full of hand attached iradescent purple, green, black feathers the dress fits perfectly into this soft and sexy look, matched with amazing heels, and dripping beautiful hair.

In the video the look receives front and center when the final scene of the video features Dionne on a see through curved architectural chair in a Los Angeles feeling mansion poolside. Dionne decides to give the boy a chance and also showcases the soft feathers as she does her signature cateye pose.

Dionne rose to fame as the protege to Amy Winehouse on Winehouse's self made record label Lioness Records. Dionne has hit the red carpet, the Brits, and been seen and heard all over London (even meeting up with lil Justin Bieber). Her mentor Whinehouse can be seen in photos with her, as well as felt in the guidance to Dionne's silky voice.

Check out also the amazing behind the scenes footage of the making of the video and also see more of this up and coming pop sensation on her website. - Behind the Scenes - Dionne's Official Website

Jeffrey x