Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Groove Armada in JMD

For the recent final tour of Groove Armada an epic show was had and all were very sad to see the group go their separate ways after 20 plus years.

JMD was very greatful and lucky to have been able to create one of the distinct outstanding looks for the front runner of GA, Saint Saviour. The spunky, exciting, high energy vocalist, that punctures through the air waves with her luscious sound in one of my new favorite songs, Paper Romance, a must have most recent track for Groove Armada.

Seen here, Becky is alive to the beat, and shot from the audience's many millions of hand held cameras, the energy and life are captured along with the first reactions to this one of a kind lit up piece.

In this clip a full on energy spectrum is seen as the costume does its job of pumping up the volume and taking the song to the next level. I was lucky enough to be invited behind the scenes in Brixton Academy for the second last performance, to meet the group and give out my congratulations, and to talk of future projects with the lovely and very secretly quiet Saint Saviour.

Many thanks to my collaborator Ada Zanditon who worked back and forth with me via NYC to London for several months before hand in our epic creation of this vision together :) ! Ada continues to wow and make waves with her current seasons collection having an amazing following with and one of her most strengthy patrons Viktoria Modesta.

Keep posted as some luscious discussions are in the works for the piece to be on cover of a very exciting mag, on none other than Groove Armada !!!

Some other links to the show I was at !! And many thanks to the photographer who captured GA in action - Ray Kilpatrick

Jeffrey xx

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

SugaSmak wears JMD

The very talented Nate James wears a custom made pair of Jeffrey Michael Design lightup glasses last Thursday at a fierce performance by SugaSmak. At a packed gig in Central London at Punk, Nate crooned out soft sexy music to match the upbeat techno beats.

More to be seen on SugaSmak by JMD as the season unfolds and some exciting new pieces are under discussion for the new year !! Keep your eyes pealed, and ears open for more lightup pieces by JMD. Check out Nates music on his myspace.
Jeffrey xx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Nate James Collaboration

Jeffrey Michael Design will be working this week with the luscious techno heat band SugaSmak featuring a pair of signature lightup JMD glasses. The glasses will be seen on the wicked MOBO Award-nominated singer SugaJack (Nate James) as they beat and pulse to the sounds of the music. Bassline will be had, and a wicked performance will be seen on this Friday the 19th, and next Thursday the 25th at the ever cool secret location bar in East London (click facebook link below and accept to get the details)

links to the event via Facebook here !!! Come see a wicked perfect collarboration.

RSVP to ITOLDYOUIWASFREAKY@LIVE.CO.UK for information on how to get to the secret east London Location (WHERE oh where is it going to be lol!!??)

Glasses are for sale, and for rent for events so inquire at ;) (glasses visual above of the lovely DJ Laura Fares of Disco Damage wearing a pair)

Jeffrey xx

Thursday, 14 October 2010

NYC Summer 2 - Farrowtone

Throughout the summer many new amazing artists were met and taken into the JMD consultation and creation process. This included my second major artist of the summer, the incredibly talented Farrowtone.

Breaking out into the charts and climbing higher and higher with his current single "Bedroom" (currently sitting at number 13). His music is soft, silky, and a throwback to the greats like Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley. Mix that sound with a modern soft beat and you've got some of the best chill, sexy time music around.

Another artist under the Caelum Entertainment wing, Farrowtone introduced himself to me mid summer, and we clicked instantly. Immediately seeing him as classic, old hollywood, and a bit modern day Elvis Presley, the case was open to create a new meaningful look that balanced out his music and persona.

I wanted to create on him something that both evoked the lavish hollywood in golds, and jet blacks, as well as bringing a very soft masculine fit to whatever was created. In my journeys to the MET and Natural History Musuem (countless ideas brewing) I was inspired in the knight wing. I saw there knights in formation riding into battle full plated with underlink chain fitting the body.

Finally weaving this into a soft tight cut dress shirt as a shoulder piece topped with a modern custom made JMD pair of glasses and we were set for our shooting day. We took shots for both potential album covers, and for promotional shots. Thanks to the wicked Frank Kuzler of DeadPro Inc. was our photographer shooting up a storm. Also keep your eyes peeled for his next single coming out in November and shows in California, NYC, Miami and hopefully London! Jeffrey xx

NYC Summer - Sterling8

An amazing adventure was undertaken by Jeffrey Michael Design this summer in trecking halfway across the world to our friends in New York City.

Originally undertaken to create the looks and album cover / single coves for the talented and amazing Sterling8 , the summer turned into a place to create new exciting contacts, and to meet ever talented new JMD artists (more on that in the next blog).

So to begin, the summer went off with a big bang in the creation of the image and looks for Sterling8 and his newly released first single Hypnotized.
Full of beat, soul, and Sterling's characteristic high 'falsetto' the track is a smash hit in the dance clubs already, and pumping its way into remix after remix (best being the German remix available for download by Sven Erler!) The track was created by the talented Gaetano Lattanzi of Caelum Entertainment.

The look I created for Sterling8 was "organic futurism", a play between a not to distant future and the earth, in which design and clothing had morphed so far as to come back around to the organic natural materials. This piece (below), titled "Aztec Warrior" has shapes designed in a protective armor patterning, while the materiality contradicts the piece in its soft, colorful layered papers.

The next look (below) along the same theme needed to create a new look for his soon to be released second single which is a sweet, sexy, and powerful creator playing off the instinct for love. Therefore the piece was darker, more mysterious, and played into the duality by pairing a glass woven corset, with a soft organic neckpiece made of flowing red maple leaves. Both piece reflect off of each other to create a dynamic and exciting soon to be release for his upcoming song.

The last look was a mix of the dynasties that Sterling is so attracted to; Egypt, Atlantis, and Rome, all in the styling and hair (created by the fantastic Broadway hair and makeup Jon Carter who came in with his fantastic team for the shoots). All the fantastic photos were shot by Shelby Chan, noted fashion and product photographer, who we had the amazing fortune of working with.

Looking forward to the next few weeks in which you will see Sterling8 on the radio, in performance, and releasing his next few tracks. Watch out Caelum Entertainment! You have a fireball ready to explode! Find out more information about Sterling8 on his website at and make sure to follow him on twitter at @sterling8music

Jeffrey x

Thursday, 30 September 2010

London Fashion Week & JMD

A new season of fashion with Jeffrey Michael Design presented in many new and exciting ways. Several amazing contacts have been made for new projects with fantastic new magazines and online publications, as well as the royalty of British Pop. JMD was a contributing editor during fashion week for the ongoing tweeting and response to all the fashion shows seen by LABB magazine (current issue below) and all of its emerging artists, and had an opportunity to view new and exciting designers and fashion shows this season at the ON/OFF venue, and with Vauxhall Fashion Scout. JMD seen with LABB magazine at the Lako Bukia show above enjoying the fierce and flowing creations of a truly inspiring and talented creator.

Some of the exciting new upcoming projects brought from meetings at the fashion runways of London Fashion Week include negotiations for a second piece with Diana Vickers, who this month is on the cover of Random Magazine wearing a couture one of a kind lightup paper dress by JMD (below, at newstands NOW ! ), and with Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes who will be soon wearing her own one of a kind creation made specifically created for her persona.

Other collaborations include a featured piece on the cover of Sideview Magazine on their exciting yet to be announced covermodel (who I know and am so excited to be working with!), and a cover spot on the upcoming Womens Issue of LABB magazine (more info as able to be printed out to the world). Finally a new spread in Idol Magazine with a custom made piece specifically for the magazine, and negotiations to begin with the luscious BLOW magazine.

During fashion week JMD was also contacted by TOP10 Magazine to contribute his piece to an exciting article about "Young Fashion Week" in which Daria Shopovalova (above) , famous model, presentor, and magazine editor, wore and glamorously displayed upon herself the couture showpiece that is the "bauble dress". (third picture in) and styled by the ever amazing Sofia Shershunovich (who has her own amazing blog - click here)

JMD was also present at several key, exciting London fashion week shows, most noteably at the Ozwald fashion show were he mingled with the likes of Shingai of the Noisettes (pictured above), Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child (recently in the London cast of Chicago), Dame Fierce, and Janice Dickinson (pictured below).

Other loves and likes of the JMD team as tweeted by Jeffrey Michael for LABB were

Jacob Kimmie's live tableau presentation: " Amazing pieces by Jacob kimmie for #lfw "

Masha Ma : " Draped, layered and with a focus on metallic and creams - Masha Ma delivered "

Teresa Cruz de Almeida : " Teresa Cruz de Almeida - of men ' it's not just the women that should enjoy high heels ' - "

and Colin Monroe - " Colin Munro designed body suits said to keep you feeling streamlined and sexy. We agree #lfw "

and click here to see the full pics from the Diana Vickers shoot available from her site now

More exciting blog projects to come as press and projects from fashion week begin trickling out :) ! Jeffrey xx -

*photos of JMD with Shingai and Janice courtesy of snappylifestyle blog - fierce, fab and on the mark with trends and gorgeous shots covering fashion !!!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Diana Vickers wears JMD

Another JMD adventure with British Pop Star Diana Vickers. JMD worked with Random Magazine to come up with a couture one-of-a-kind dress for their September Issue magazine, featured both on the front cover and inside. The dress is fully made of paper from the previous Random magazine cover and insides, and came from Jeffrey's quest to create the ironic twist of having the magazine's own cover on its new cover by way of the dress. Diana's songs and music have been much loved by JMD since her time on XFactor, and it was an exciting adventure to bring this piece to life and to light just for her. Her new song, The Boy Who Murdered Love, with wicked video can be seen at this link :

As seen in these low light shots, the dress becomes like a paper lantern, lit from many layers within, overcasting the front and back images of each page in hues of selected purples, reds, and blues from within the magazine.

A sneak peak at the cover selection which is now on Newstands as of today, September 14th around London (and soon in NYC !!!) You can check out the Random website (below) to find the nearest magazine shop in your city.

The dress and Diana have already been seen on Popjustice, and in "The Heat" magazine, and more soon !!! Thanks to Random Magazines creators Tom and Rivkie, and shout out to the new music from Diana :) (random magazine online link)

Jeffrey xx

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Groove Armada

As seen from their most recent performance in Amsterdam, Groove Armada is an epic force to be reckoned with, being a very long established music maker from its humble beginnings in the early 90's. JMD has had the great fortune of partnering with Groove Armada, and Ada Zanditon to come up with a light up costume creation for lead singer Becky for their upcoming touring this year.

Paper Romance Video-

To be created as a brainchild between Ada and Jeffrey, this piece will speak to the future of both of their careers, in lighting, and creative throwback. Taking references from Tron, Broken Glass, and futuristic design inspirations in both of their collections, this piece will be used throughout the upcoming touring season for the band's lead female singer.

Groove Armada has played all over the world, taking in Russia, New Zealand, Ireland, Turkey, Los Angeles, two sold out tours of the UK, which culminated in three consecutive sold-out nights at London's Brixton Academy, and two-sold out tours of Australia, ending with a live New Year's Eve gig for 20,000 people on Bondi Beach, Sydney. Of special note gig wise is the amazing London outdoor festival Lovebox, of which Groove Armada has headlined along with the likes of Goldfrapp and The Flaming Lips

Ada Zanditon interned with Alexander Mcqueen before studying at the London College of fashion, where she graduated with high honors. Since then, she has worked with the likes of Patrick Wolf, Bishi, Robots in Disguise, etc etc (so many amazings), and shown her collections on many prestigious runways at London Fashion Week.

Jeffrey Michael and Ada had the chance meeting throughout the last year at many mingles, runway shows, and adventures through common friends (it was destined before long) and joined forces recently several months ago with the intent to create something visionary that lent upon both of their skills. Utilzing exciting lighting schemes, structural design, and intense costume creation, the two have madly been scheming and creating in coordination with team Groove Armada.

Get excited, this is the big time !! Look to see the piece this September and keep posted for finished pics ....

Ada's Collections =
Info on Groove Armada =
Paper Romance Video-
Jeffrey's Collections =

Jeffrey xx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Sterling8 Dynasty

A new Jeffrey Michael Design project has began on the up and coming artist Sterling8. Sterling has just released his first debut single "Hypnotized" which is cracking out and getting airplay all over the US, and recently just broke into the UK market. Being already remixed in Germany and Japan, the track has broken open new possibility for the artist. JMD and Sterling have partnered up to create iconic, couture, one of a kind pieces to showcase Sterling as a top celebrity artist.
JMD has currently been brought out to New York City to work on the full costume design for Sterling8's performance, media, and album cover which is being shot this coming weekend. Noteably being shot by Shelby Chan and hair and makeup by Theo Faulkner , this shoot holds much promise for the up coming single release. The costume piece is one that has been in the brain of JMD for several months over discussions with Sterling for the perfect one of a kind look that suited his personality and music type.

Decided to be titled 'organic futurism', Sterlings look is a contrast between soft organics like leather, feathers, and earthy materials, and hard sharp diamonds, black, and reflective materials. This best reflects both his high fasetto (seen in the new single hypnotise) and his soft gospel infused low range (soon to be seen in his upcoming 2nd and 3rd track).

Upcoming events for JMD and Sterling include a soundcheck with a very high profile celebrity (more info on that to come), and a very exciting selection process for the background dancers with celebrity choreographer Candice Franklin who has worked with Janet Jackson.

JMD is very excited to be working on this project with such amazing fellow team members and looks forward to the exciting array of key signature, iconic pieces commissioned by the Sterling8 dynasty.

The single can be seen on Sterlings website :

To see work by the other artists working on the Sterling8 project please visit their webpages :

Theo - Makeup/Hair -

Jeffrey xx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A New Look

With a fresh look, a cohesive brand, and a new website done by Alisa Afkhami Graphic Design, Jeffrey Michael Design is ready to head forwards and upwards.

So many exciting projects are turning up this month, including opportunity for magazine editorials, cover spreads, costume design projects in other countries, and work with several pop icons (pictures to come next blog!! keep your eyes pealed).
Shown here is the amazing Media pack created for JMD by Alisa which features swing tags, catologue, coffee table book (for sale for 75 GBP), and fantastic (my favorite) JMD shoulder bag.

This month as well, JMD was featured in an article in Grand Designs Magazine which can be seen if you click the link on the new JMD website. The feature was done on one of JM's clients Noel Qualter, noted film producer, who lives in a beautiful penthouse in Kentish Town. The Shakespeare lamp owned by Qualter was featured in one of the focal pictures in the article as seen in his home. A great honor to be in one of my favorite design magazines.

Special thanks to Alisa Afkhami (Graphic Design) and Jake Pyne (web development) for all their hard work on the branding and website. Please use their links to contact them if you want a chique, fresh, and amazing website or branding.
xx Jeffrey