Thursday, 14 October 2010

NYC Summer 2 - Farrowtone

Throughout the summer many new amazing artists were met and taken into the JMD consultation and creation process. This included my second major artist of the summer, the incredibly talented Farrowtone.

Breaking out into the charts and climbing higher and higher with his current single "Bedroom" (currently sitting at number 13). His music is soft, silky, and a throwback to the greats like Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley. Mix that sound with a modern soft beat and you've got some of the best chill, sexy time music around.

Another artist under the Caelum Entertainment wing, Farrowtone introduced himself to me mid summer, and we clicked instantly. Immediately seeing him as classic, old hollywood, and a bit modern day Elvis Presley, the case was open to create a new meaningful look that balanced out his music and persona.

I wanted to create on him something that both evoked the lavish hollywood in golds, and jet blacks, as well as bringing a very soft masculine fit to whatever was created. In my journeys to the MET and Natural History Musuem (countless ideas brewing) I was inspired in the knight wing. I saw there knights in formation riding into battle full plated with underlink chain fitting the body.

Finally weaving this into a soft tight cut dress shirt as a shoulder piece topped with a modern custom made JMD pair of glasses and we were set for our shooting day. We took shots for both potential album covers, and for promotional shots. Thanks to the wicked Frank Kuzler of DeadPro Inc. was our photographer shooting up a storm. Also keep your eyes peeled for his next single coming out in November and shows in California, NYC, Miami and hopefully London! Jeffrey xx

NYC Summer - Sterling8

An amazing adventure was undertaken by Jeffrey Michael Design this summer in trecking halfway across the world to our friends in New York City.

Originally undertaken to create the looks and album cover / single coves for the talented and amazing Sterling8 , the summer turned into a place to create new exciting contacts, and to meet ever talented new JMD artists (more on that in the next blog).

So to begin, the summer went off with a big bang in the creation of the image and looks for Sterling8 and his newly released first single Hypnotized.
Full of beat, soul, and Sterling's characteristic high 'falsetto' the track is a smash hit in the dance clubs already, and pumping its way into remix after remix (best being the German remix available for download by Sven Erler!) The track was created by the talented Gaetano Lattanzi of Caelum Entertainment.

The look I created for Sterling8 was "organic futurism", a play between a not to distant future and the earth, in which design and clothing had morphed so far as to come back around to the organic natural materials. This piece (below), titled "Aztec Warrior" has shapes designed in a protective armor patterning, while the materiality contradicts the piece in its soft, colorful layered papers.

The next look (below) along the same theme needed to create a new look for his soon to be released second single which is a sweet, sexy, and powerful creator playing off the instinct for love. Therefore the piece was darker, more mysterious, and played into the duality by pairing a glass woven corset, with a soft organic neckpiece made of flowing red maple leaves. Both piece reflect off of each other to create a dynamic and exciting soon to be release for his upcoming song.

The last look was a mix of the dynasties that Sterling is so attracted to; Egypt, Atlantis, and Rome, all in the styling and hair (created by the fantastic Broadway hair and makeup Jon Carter who came in with his fantastic team for the shoots). All the fantastic photos were shot by Shelby Chan, noted fashion and product photographer, who we had the amazing fortune of working with.

Looking forward to the next few weeks in which you will see Sterling8 on the radio, in performance, and releasing his next few tracks. Watch out Caelum Entertainment! You have a fireball ready to explode! Find out more information about Sterling8 on his website at and make sure to follow him on twitter at @sterling8music

Jeffrey x