Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Groove Armada in JMD

For the recent final tour of Groove Armada an epic show was had and all were very sad to see the group go their separate ways after 20 plus years.

JMD was very greatful and lucky to have been able to create one of the distinct outstanding looks for the front runner of GA, Saint Saviour. The spunky, exciting, high energy vocalist, that punctures through the air waves with her luscious sound in one of my new favorite songs, Paper Romance, a must have most recent track for Groove Armada.

Seen here, Becky is alive to the beat, and shot from the audience's many millions of hand held cameras, the energy and life are captured along with the first reactions to this one of a kind lit up piece.

In this clip a full on energy spectrum is seen as the costume does its job of pumping up the volume and taking the song to the next level. I was lucky enough to be invited behind the scenes in Brixton Academy for the second last performance, to meet the group and give out my congratulations, and to talk of future projects with the lovely and very secretly quiet Saint Saviour.

Many thanks to my collaborator Ada Zanditon who worked back and forth with me via NYC to London for several months before hand in our epic creation of this vision together :) ! Ada continues to wow and make waves with her current seasons collection having an amazing following with and one of her most strengthy patrons Viktoria Modesta.

Keep posted as some luscious discussions are in the works for the piece to be on cover of a very exciting mag, on none other than Groove Armada !!!

Some other links to the show I was at !! And many thanks to the photographer who captured GA in action - Ray Kilpatrick

Jeffrey xx

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

SugaSmak wears JMD

The very talented Nate James wears a custom made pair of Jeffrey Michael Design lightup glasses last Thursday at a fierce performance by SugaSmak. At a packed gig in Central London at Punk, Nate crooned out soft sexy music to match the upbeat techno beats.

More to be seen on SugaSmak by JMD as the season unfolds and some exciting new pieces are under discussion for the new year !! Keep your eyes pealed, and ears open for more lightup pieces by JMD. Check out Nates music on his myspace.
Jeffrey xx