Saturday, 30 April 2011

Jessie J in Jeffrey Michael Design

A new exciting music video has debuted for the ferousciously conquering pop star Jessie J , featuring a new lightup one of a kind piece by Jeffrey Michael Design. Featured as one of the signature looks in the new video 'Nobody's Perfect' this piece is a huge new step forward for JMD.

This music video directed by Emil Nava and styled by famous celebrity stylist Anna Trevelyan, known for her work with Lady Gaga, used one of JMD's custom lightup costume pieces in one of its main scenes.

Commissioned by Anna for Jessie specifically, the piece was flown onsite to Bulgaria, where it was used as one of the key signature looks seen within the video on Jessie. The piece was conceived to showcase dark twisted sophistication, highlighting aspects from such references as MadMax, and Metropolis along with the signature Jeffrey Michael Design lightup features. The look was created using a combination between reclaimed old film reel, cassette reel, and several other layered films with overlaid lighting to be seen carrying offstage. The look came off as seamless, haunting, and perfectly executed thanks to Anna's amazing skill and vision for Jessie to be surrounded by beautiful mocking lips and trapped within the lighting.

" It's one of the most honest and raw songs on there... Every time I sing it I relive the moment that I wrote it about. I think it's important to expose your flaws in music as well as your positives. As it says, nobody's perfect. I'm definitely not!" - Jessie on her recent hit

Visit the website to see more video, pictures, and catchup with the pop star to see more about her new album, Who You Are , and her third single 'Nobody's Perfect' !!

Jeffrey xx