Saturday, 24 October 2009

New Business Card

Hello again! Second blog and a lovely update. So i received my business cards today and am very proud of how they turned out. I will be handing these out to all of my new business contacts.

I am invited on the 4th of November by my business partner Kofi Paintsil to a fancy swanky party and I will definately be using the luscious new photo card to hand out and market myself.

As for the future me and Kofi have decided that in January I will be debuting myself to London officially. We are going to have the opening in some sexy open lofty/warehouse space in which it is very low lit with candles, and of course just my lighting. I am going to prepare my whole range to have in there and make sure that each piece is sold. As well around the room will be works by Kofi and maybe our gorgeous advertising that we are doing with lighting in clothing all set against light boxes. Should be just fantastic. I will make sure we invite all the sexy hookups and as well Caroline who placed the first commission that amazing woman. She will be the first invite I send out to because I am so thankful for her working so hard with me and selling all of my lanterns that I gave to her in extra.

As well I have been asked by a bar / restaurant / lounge to design the lighting scheme including all focal chandeliers and spot lighting fro the ceiling. I have some ideas based on these lights that are on this blog in long skinny form, as well as some new ones. I am so thankful because the man just literally walked into the shop after me JUST saying about how i was going to do something like that. He literally 2 minutes later responded to the 'ad' out put out to the universe. Bless the secret !! Use it wisely and anything can be yours I have learned.

Ok well here is my business card and so excited for the next few days!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

A Lighting Premier

Welcome to the Jeffrey Michael Design Blog.

I am Canadian lighting designer based in London England, currently using my design and creative talent to make lantern and chandelier design.
I have been learning from a famous lighting designer SKK ( for the past 3 months including how to fabricate my own lighting fixtures and how to assemble chandelier pieces.
As well I have been working at establishing my own design business Jeffrey Michael Design and getting my new business card ready to have out at mingling parties. The images in this blog all represent my personal creations on one project involving aged 70's comics and the beautiful atmosphere created by the colored light emitting from them. The texture and weight of light is changed by the age and type of color print selected for each curve over the organic metal shape. These ideas were sitting in my sketchbook all year and finally come to frution one evening in the SKK design shop where i finally got the brainstorm on how to fabricate it all together. Quickly folllowing I had my firest event commission to do a fabulous celebrity party and my very first lighting debut !