Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wonderland Magazine

A new venture with Graphic Designer Alisa Afkhami, has lead to an amazing proposal and branding of Jeffrey Michael Design. It has been an ongoing quest for JMD to find the perfect web designer and branding agent to reinvent the look and feel in a way that was the original intent of when I first began last year. I am so happy with the presentation and accomplishments already of Alisa in her quest to unify and simplify the image of JMD.

Of one of the first big wins together is a new pitch to Wonderland Magazine that has been completely accepted with great enthusiasm on both ends. The pitch involves a sexy viral video which will feature JMD light up costume pieces, and the creative brain of Alisa Afkhami Graphic Designer. Together a creation worthy of Wonderland has been put forth and successfully claimed to great excitement.

On the first page of Wonderland online is an example of the Dior Homme video made for Wonderland which will give you an example of the amazing quality of video produced for the magazine. Our pitch includes full workings with the heads of their creative teams in makeup, filming, hair, and being in contact with the magazines editors and visual people. This is a fantastic opportunity, and will be taken with extreme creative mind.

Here is a part of the pitch which was created for the magazine:

Incorporating the emerging trends from London Fashion week into a dark and brooding viral, accompanied with designs by Jeffrey Michael. Jeffrey Michael - a costume and light designer who exhibited at London a la Mode this season at LFW, incorporates lights into garments to add a dynamic and contemporary performance element to fashion.

Viral Treatment:

A dark empty space. An eerie and echo feel about it. White florescent lights are placed on the floor and wall. Space is pitch black with white florescent lights flickering on the floor, to create dramatic flashes and a feeling of neglect. Four models with a edgy punk/rock look are styled in reference to Alice Palmers AU/W10 collection. (Studs, structure shoulders, Doc Martins, leather, etc). Jeffrey Michael light designs are incorporated, in either accessories or by adding to existing garments. Each model will have some element of lighting attached to them.

When light quickly flashes, sections of the styled models are revealed, but not revealing the whole piece. Flashing light begins to fade out and is replaced by the flashing of the costume piece, until light finally stabalises and stays on. (As if the lights on the garments are stealing the power from the florescent lights.) Again costume pieces are only shown in sections, giving viewer a small taster of the piece. Camera moves quickly from one shot to another, and from a variety of obscure angles. Last shot is longer than all others finishing with the Wonderland logo overlayed.
Big bass/eerie beats accompany the visuals, with the shots changing

Alisa Afkhami - Graphic Designer and Branding -
Bottom Shot of Johnny Lazer - Recently photographed by Peter Ashworth
- Jeffrey xx