Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Warhol Screens

These one of a kind wall mounted lighting installation pieces, titled The Warhol Screens, explore the idea of grand design and art gallery proportions. These pieces, which are ideal for lofts, art gallery, showrooms, and larger installtion spaces in offices or wide open-spaced homes, offer a clean luxurious soft lighting. They are made by hand in the artists studio, with no two being the exact same. Each photo is carefully selected for color and placement and the overal look is prescribed uniqely to each installation. The deep colored trim is smooth and organic in contrast to the vintage iconographic photographs, dated victorian newspapers, or antiquated music sheets used to create the light screen. Each screen is hand made, and the topography of the ridges and valleys of the central piece is unique and one of a kind to each piece. The inspiration from these larger than life pieces came from the work of Andy Warhol in his study of iconic faces and moments in time which have lasted over the ages in our minds. Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor. All integrated into a flowing tapestry of light and movie history. Presented in soft organic lighting, and bold enough to become a conversation piece in any grand space.

Trained as a classic architect, Jeffrey Michael the designer started off his designs 5 years ago in Canada. He moved fluently between architecture and lighting design during this time in his projects. After several trips to Paris and London, this collection features the presentation of many years of reflection and study into the dynamics between iconic aged imagery in his lighting design. His other collections also feature sit and stand lamps with vintage papers including ones fashioned with old shakespearian poetry and old vintage comics to create unique one of a kind lamps.

Height by Width - 1.73 meter by 1.73 - vintage movie stills - lit from behind, fire proofed, max 60 watt bulbs - energy efficient, LED, or low wattage bulbs

These pieces are soon going to be entering into a lovely furniture art gallery fusion, "The Collections", in Chelsea on Kings Road in London, under the direction of a fantastic arts buyer. It marks the high end range of the Jeffrey Michael Design lighting collection and is a sneak preview from my autumn winter collection for next season. It has been a labor of love and in the future you will see me using more iconic images in more of a stencilled, exciting light and shadow way. These will be the pieces that garner the adoration of the people, as they will portray the royalty of our time in a way that Andy originally debut his pieces in his time. To us some of them have lost their luster, but images like Marilyn and Elvis and Liz have lived on into our pop culture as vibrant and bright images.
(Now available in store for purchase)
Jeffrey xx