Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dionne Bromfield in custom JMD

Dionne Bromfield's new music video - ' Foolin' '

The very talented Dionne Bromfield has just released her newest hit pop single ' Foolin' ' which croons out soft soulful melody and sultry vocals by the young fresh 16 year old. Jeffrey Michael was introduced to Dionne several months back via her fantastic stylist Melanie Thomas, and plotting was had to create a unique one of a kind JMD piece for her new promotions, as well as this specific music video.

The video features beautiful visuals in which three Dionne's play sassy characters discussing a man they are in love with who is not a good influence for them. Each girl is decked out in a fully fantastic outfit, with one of the main looks being the beautiful iradescent JMD black feather dress. Fitted, and full of hand attached iradescent purple, green, black feathers the dress fits perfectly into this soft and sexy look, matched with amazing heels, and dripping beautiful hair.

In the video the look receives front and center when the final scene of the video features Dionne on a see through curved architectural chair in a Los Angeles feeling mansion poolside. Dionne decides to give the boy a chance and also showcases the soft feathers as she does her signature cateye pose.

Dionne rose to fame as the protege to Amy Winehouse on Winehouse's self made record label Lioness Records. Dionne has hit the red carpet, the Brits, and been seen and heard all over London (even meeting up with lil Justin Bieber). Her mentor Whinehouse can be seen in photos with her, as well as felt in the guidance to Dionne's silky voice.

Check out also the amazing behind the scenes footage of the making of the video and also see more of this up and coming pop sensation on her website. - Behind the Scenes - Dionne's Official Website

Jeffrey x