Saturday, 26 November 2011

DEBUT collection at London Fashion Week

So an exciting new venture is being undertaken after a year of research, planning, investment, and honing in on the design asthetic for the new collection for Jeffrey Michael.

Showing Feb. 19th, 2012 will be the first collection by Jeffrey Michael at London Fashion Week, venue below, to an excited and expanding guest list featuring exciting previous pop star clients, and phenomenal press royalties (which will be named closer to the event).

After spending time this summer in Los Angeles, Montreal, New York City, London, and Toronto, Jeffrey Michael has returned to its roots in London and will showcase there as the main homebase for the collections. Having worked in London the past three years head designer Jeffrey Michael has gained respect, followers, and loyal collegues who will be teaming up to create some beautiful things for this exciting official launch into the fashion realm.

The collection, which is half done, is being created in the designers native Canada with a skilled team of craftspeople. Jeffrey Michael has scoured the continents locating the brightest and most talented to assist in the creation of this line which means so much to the brand and will always be remembered as a first.

In being asked by many press, and industry friends again and again what the collection will feel like compared to previous works or designers a rough likening can be taken to reaching for that of Alexander Mcqueen meets Elie Saab, and flowing creatively like that of Early Thierry Mugler meets Iris Van Herpen. Of course these masters have their very own distinct styles, but it is difficult to pinpoint where a designer fits in amongst such great names.

Pushing those ideas and feelings forward the collection also uniquely expresses ideas of organic and natural material exploration, layered textiles and textures, and the use of natural layering and organic methods found in plants, animals and nature.

Furthermore, the debut will continue to explore ideas of integrating technology that Jeffrey Michael has explored with his previous showpiece explorations. Integrating lighting, and expressive technologies will always be a reoccuring theme for collections to come as Jeffrey Michael wishes to press the boundaries and understanding of clothing as we experience it on our body, and where clothing will be in 5 - 10 years from now.

Lastly the collection will attempt to explore beautiful evening wear, and signature pieces fit for red carpet, as well as for the budding pop star, and actress royalty that have accepted and announced fashion as a seamless existence for their expanding experiences in fame and the public world we know and love.

Jeffrey Michael is excited and ready to finally display this explore and anticipated launch and will be showing in February at London Fashion Week, followed by showroom in Paris. Some discussions have began for the collection to show at a very exclusive sect of Canada's Toronto Fashion Week, but more on that as it becomes official.

Wish us luck !
Jeffrey xx