Thursday, 28 January 2010

Liberty's Show

Another adventure has begun for the month of February in which my work will be featured with some other amazing designers at Liberty House , 222 Regent Street.

This will be the Jeffrey Michael Design Spring/Summer 2010 collection featuring the Shakespeare's Lamp, the Vintage lamp, and the Comic lamp.

As well there will be a test lamp of the teardrop jute lamp, and a costume piece of mine from the last blog will be featured.

This is the first professional show, and I have several exciting meetings set up with many shops from around London to view the collection. I'll be very excited to report all succesful actions during the month and will be putting up my catologue in the next blog.

PR for the events and my lamps -
the venue and salesroom -

Jeffrey xx

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Fire Neckpiece

After a year of discussion and thought, a lovely collaboration piece was done this Christmas/New Years season between me and Mark Sheppard.

Several amazing performance by Mark on New Years, including "Play" nightclub, and "The Empire Ballroom" were notable for the evening and Mark put this costume piece on display and worked the room with it. (Check last blog for pics of the shows and piece at the event)

Above (top three) is the sexy photoshoot that was shot by me in the late hours of the evening at Studio Mark Sheppard. Truly a dream come true to work with the person responsible for much inspiration in my career. I have always wanted to do a photoshoot with Mark in one of my pieces, and along with several other photoshoots this day, we carried out the " FIRE NECKPIECE ".

Focusing on the solid color palette of red, with red lighting, this piece was mean't to emphasize and draw light up the neck and along the jaw. It was situated centrally on Mark's body, creating a dynamic focal point, featuring explosive radiating color and light. Like the many other costume pieces by Jeffrey Michael Design, this piece also saught to push forward creative unseen design, as well as to integrate the lit aspect into a dynamic, wearable, moveable piece. The attention draw to the wearer, such as happened on the evening, amplifies both the aspect of the performance and conversation and through heightened interest and excitement.

This was an amazing shoot, styled with a simple red dress, and an exotic headpiece made of feathers, of which I really was thinking a mix between Rihanna's mohawk and sexuality, and the Vegas Showgirl. It turned out even better than i could have imagined, and Mark made this a pleasure to create and shoot. His gorgeous camera gave me a taste of the professional world and his set and studio are to die for (I aspire to have the same someday soon!!).

Finally on display are my photoshopping skills which I pushed to the limits in these top three photos. I would like to get good enough to go out on a professional level working for myself, amongst my many endeavors. If you have any interest in this please let me know.

Here are some easier to read examples of what the piece looks like on its own. It drips down the front to a stop near the navel, and has a small featured larger shoulder on the left hand side to add attention from the back. The lighting is all self contained and does not require a plug in. It is mobile and dynamic.

If you are interested in this or other costume pieces for purchase or rental, please contact .

jeffrey xx

New Year's 2009

Another fabulous New Years has passed by, and I was able to celebrate in style with Haus Mark Sheppard. Along with his fabulous backup dancer's, Sinfully Sweet, I assisted Mark with his light-up costume design and photography over the evening.

Shown here, my newest creation was glowing and golden red throught the evening at both the Empire ballroom, Play Nightclub, and later in Studio Mark Sheppard. We had so much fun, with a bit of crazy mixed in getting between all the venues, but in the end I had so much fun.

The main event photos on the big black stage were at the Empire Ballroom at which it felt like a grand stadium and Mark's intro video got the ground pumped up to a crazy height, with them going mad as he came out to sing his new single 'JUMPSTART ' ! I had so much fun being in the audience taking photos, mingling, fielding questions of why Mark is so fabulous.

The evening was a huge success and the costume piece was on display with the right man. I specifically designed this piece for him as a one of a kind commission. I brought all my costume making devices all the way to cold cold Canada and used his studio the days leading up to the event.
I even got to wear it for a little bit of time in some photos! So amazing.
Shortly to follow will be the big shoot I shot in Mark's studio featuring the piece and some hot styling, as well as some direct photos of the piece on a glowing white mannequin ! Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days !
Jeffrey xx