Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Summer @ Jeffrey Michael Design

A new summer awaits Jeffrey Michael Design and the team is getting ready for some epic adventures.

As you may know summer time is when JMD adventures out into new territory and works on expanding the brand into bigger and better iterations. Specifically, like last summer JM has been working hard at moving the brand and its goals int New York City.

Already having visited Los Angeles and New York City once to meet new contacts, discuss possibilities with one of a kind stores, and to meet with investors, JMD is returning this week to New York City for some of the biggest meetings to date for the brand.

(In LA at the Maxfactor / Hollywood Musuem - this is wear they made Marilyn blonde !)

A major goal and meeting that is set up is that of finding a New York City based PR so that Jeffrey Michael may expand into North America. Already doing very well in London it is time to harness the connections and thrust that has naturally been happening in the many clients and suggested work in this fantastic city. JM will be meeting also with some very interested parties who want to show Jeffrey Michael at New York Fashion week in a very sexy avant garde location.

Jeffrey Michael Design has been working with excitement and heavy hand at creating the first capsule collection which will be presented in Kiev in the Ukraine this October to the international press. This fantastic city laid host to Jeffrey Michael and his creations last March to amazing response and revue. Presenting, mingling, and being interviewed by the talents of Kiev including Daria Shapavola, and meeting with previous head of Russian Vogue Alena Porkskova, JMD was encouraged to create its first capsule collection to be reviewed by the international press.

(JM with the notorious, charming and famous blogger 'The FaceHunter' and other exciting shots from Kiev Fashion Days in the Ukraine)

Now onwards to New York to purchase fabrics, notions and all the adventurous pieces that create a collection by JMD - keep your eyes pealed for sneak peaks as we have the same amazing style and flavor that has come to be known for the Jeffrey Michael Brand.

*special thanks to Kiev photos from Icon Photography (all other credits just contact me and I'll put them up :) !)

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