Monday, 8 August 2011

Runway Passport

Many have blazed through these experiences before me, and have seen this baffling life unfold before them. Through my own journeys so far, so many bizarre, amusing nuances have occurred towards which in my mind the final achievement is of my brand standing strong amongst these burning idols. People like Elie Saab, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, and Alexander Mcqueen – oh, Alexander Mcqueen.

Check out the first installment of : Behind the Scenes with Jeffrey Michael , of which a little preview is above.

One of the stops along the way to moving to New York City is that Jeffrey Michael will now be one of the writers for the luscious online fashion collective Runway Passport. Covering news and events in fashion all over the world, JMD will now partake by lending monthly a luscious article featuring behind the scenes of his journey to becoming an international designer. Each month three questions will be answered from readers around the world who tap into the amazing Runway Passport.

I met the amazing creator and editor of Runway Passport on my adventures in New York City, a fiesty, unique, fantastic woman named Liz Entin, and over several trips and two summers we have had many chats about up and coming projects, simulatenously covering massive ground stomping around in New York during the sunny summer days.

So check out Runway Passport online and their upcoming new platforms at the below links !!
J xx

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