Wednesday, 7 September 2011

SLiNK Magazine Interview

A new exciting article in SLiNK magazine by me is heating up as one of the main features of this new issue. Just recently being named the new features editor, I snagged the exciting up and coming Gabi Gregg for an interview in this new issue of the magazine. Some of you may know her from the hugely successful 'Young, Fat and Fabulous' blog (recently retitled GabiFresh) that she writes that showcase personal style, and dressing for a fiercely real woman, but I got behind the scenes to chat about her transition from MTV to the world of styling.

Gabi is known for being the MTV Twitter Jockey for the last year and is an amazing stylist who has been featured in magazines all over the world since her epic work. Meeting Gabi last year in NYC on the Brooklyn Bridge supporting her during an amazing plus sized fashion show as one of her challenges to win the spot on MTV set into motion an amazing exciting friendship that has lead to this wicked interview in the magazine.

A conversation about body image, understanding what it has been like on her journey to fame and styling, as well as touching on how things have changed her blog and outlook on the world. A heartfelt conversation with an intellegint, one of a kind woman who knows where she is going and what she has to say.

Check out the interview (expand the online flipable magazine on the front page), and also check out SLiNK magazine in its luscious new issue ! The presentation in this magazine is refined, clean, colorful and on trend. The editor Rivkie Baum knows how to do it and shows a polished and refreshing taking on lifestyle and fashion. This is a magzine for women of all sizes, and promotes women wearing fashionable exciting season's trends. This magazine is groundbreaking in its ideas about marketing to the entire world's average sized woman, but does it in a way that is all about the fashion and lifestyle, and not about promoting a cause. It is seamless and beautiful. I am so proud to be apart of this new idea, and new magazine !!

Now go read the article !! GO ! GO ! :)

Jeffrey xx

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